Slight esmtp weirdness

2010.09.27 00:22 by Leo Antunes - 2 Comments

Just so I don’t forget it for a second time: esmtp can be pretty obscure when it comes to error messages.
When it encounters an “.authenticate/ca.pem” file with public permissions it connects to the server and only after seeing the extensions list does it tell you “StartTLS extension not supported by MTA“. Not exactly straightforward.

  1. That’s very true. I’ve just encountered this problem.
    By the way, there are other annoying bugs in esmtp. (The -t options does not work). I am using an old version (esmtp-0.6.0-2) since this is the package I have on my machine (DNS-323 NAS with an ARM GNU Linux).
    Which version do you have?

    TIA, Gail


    At the time I wrote this post I was probably using 1.2-5, so I guess the “-t” bug might have been fixed in the meantime (though I don’t use the option, so I can’t really tell).