Calendar Server Woes

2010.10.12 23:47 by Leo Antunes - 0 Comment

Another one of these technical “reminder” posts.
Calendar Server needs extented attributes on the filesystem it uses to store calendars. This fact has been very helpfully documented by the Debian maintainer, but since there are apparently still a couple consistency checks missing in the server, I’ve spent the last couple of hours trying to find out why Sunbird (actually Lightning) would simply loop like crazy between PROPFINDs and OPTIONs, going nowhere.
It turns out the first time I started caldavd, the underlying filesystem didn’t have xattr support, which meant some files and/or directories in the spool directory tree didn’t get the needed attributes and after a restart the server would just gladly run as if nothing were amiss, driving the client slightly bonkers.

I honestly wish I had the time right now to debug it a bit better and provide some patches upstream, but for now this post will have to suffice as help for any other poor soul out there facing this issue.