Silly Wal(l Cloc)k – 2.0

2012.12.06 16:49 by Leo Antunes - 5 Comments

So I finally got the first laser-cut version of the Silly Wal(l Cloc)k done:

The back plate was cut from a 1mm plexiglass sheet using this SVG. The black parts were spray painted with matte black and inserted back into the hollowed out sections (I should have made pictures of the pieces before assembling; too lazy to do it now). This proved out to be somewhat problematic, since keeping the small pieces (the chin and the white part of the suitcase handle) in place isn’t really easy without gluing everything together, which I wanted to avoid because I’m not sure what effect the glue might have on plexiglass in the long term.

Another problem was the fact that the plexiglass sheet is white, but slightly translucent. Since the back piece of the clock is black, this caused the white parts to look “dirty”. As a workaround for both problems I ended up using a thin white cardboard sheet as additional background, where the small hollowed out pieces could be affixed and the translucency of the plexiglass could be hidden.

On the other hand, the 1mm thickness for the plexiglass turned out to be perfect for the clock hands (or feet). I think it would still have worked with 2mm, but that might be too heavy for the puny clock torque and they might start snagging on each other.

Careful eyes will also note that I made a stupid mistake when writing down the dimensions for the back plate and it ended up being slightly smaller than the available space. Not my brightest moment, but it worked out alright with the additional cardboard background.

The next iteration will probably be made with a different two-color plexiglass sheet that can be engraved. Let’s see how that works out.


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  1. Can I please, use your nice clock idea for linux cairo-clock ?
    Thank you !


    Yeah, sure!
    I’d say my SVG is licensed CC-BY-SA, but since the original image is probably licensed by the Pythons in some way or other, I’m not sure how much my “licensing” it actually accomplishes…


    Thank you for the SVG. It saved me a lot of time producing a clock approved by the ministry of silly walks. :)


  2. ahh this is hilarious! wish i could see it in action.
    in other silly walks-related news, i built this a long time ago:
    and amazingly it’s still live. building anything in the spirit of the Silly Walk is totally entertaining.