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Deprecation of $(ARCH)

2013.04.30 21:04 by Leo Antunes - 8 Comments

[UPDATE 2013-05-18: with Raphael Geissert’s help, all users should be now – or as soon as DNS entries propagate – be using without need for any change]

After the announcement of some months back I imagined the few people using my older $(ARCH) DNS redirector would relatively quickly jump ship to the newer solution, it being superior in basically every aspect. However it seems I had highly underrated the usage of my little hack. According to the server logs there still are a sensible number of genuine-looking queries being made (around 600 unique IPs in the last 3 days), and even if a sizable fraction of them are being generated by bots, this still leaves a pretty big number of potential users out there.

So I guess it’s only common courtesy to let these potential users know in a slightly more public place that I plan on pulling the plug till the end of the year. If you’re one of the people making use of the service, please migrate to

Note however that this has nothing to do with, besides being based on a similar idea.