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The Imperial March as it should ALWAYS be played.

2011.04.13 17:07 by Leo Antunes - 0 Comment

I may not be the biggest Star Wars geek out there (by far), but I do enjoy almost all soundtracks by John Williams. Specially when it’s being conducted by none other than Darth Vader himself!
This is the Brazilian Symphonic Orchestra (Osquestra SinfĂ´nica Brasileira – OSB) in one of the many songs in a tribute to John Williams (link in Portuguese) last year.
Also see this one for a better introduction, but worse view.

Oh, I so wish I’d been there! Huge kudos to the many who had the presence of mind to record this.


2008.10.26 20:53 by Leo Antunes - 5 Comments

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

I ran out of space in my old, but trusty, brick-looking music-player (iRiver H320, affectionately and non-creatively called either iBrick or iPoor).

I had been meticulously using Ogg Vorbis as a format to see if I could cram as much songs as I could in it, since my tests had consistently shown that Ogg had 80% the size of an equal quality VBR MP3 (encoded with lame), without any audible loss. On top of this superior size/quality ratio, I sympathize with the idea of an open codec.

But, alas, despite my best efforts: “no space left on device“.

Now I’m faced with the option of either forsaking my principles, buying an iPod Classic and converting my whole collection back to MP3, or looking for an older iPod to install RockBox, since it seems nobody else sells bigger players that support Ogg.

Cowon’s newest players don’t support it anymore, iRiver has iVaporated (sorry) and all the other brands only sell smaller flash based hardware.

This was certainly not on my list of things to spend money with in the months to come…